DJI Focus Thumbwheel

$ 1.100.000



A wired connection ensures stability even in environments with strong interference.
Motor calibration and focus point marking can be achieved in seconds, and camera start/stop can be controlled when linked to the optional DJI Remote Start/Stop.
Can be placed on the Ronin series handlebar and grip.
Thumbwheel can now adjust focus without a DJI Focus motor when connected to a Red camera with EF lenses.
The built-in battery provides up to 18 hours of extended operating time.
In the Box
DJI Focus – Thumbwheel ×1
CAN Bus Cable for Ronin-MX ×1
CAN Bus Cable for Ronin/ Ronin-M ×1
Cable Clamp ×1
Cable Clamp Screws ×2

Model: RTW-1
Supported Device: Ronin, Ronin-M, Ronin-MX
Weight: 136 g
Dimensions: 86×34×23 mm
Mounting Bracket Diameter: 25 mm or 30 mm
Operating Voltage: <100 mA@3.3 V
Operating Time: 18 hours
Standby Life: 20 hours
Operating Temperature: -4 ̊ to 131 ̊ F (-20 ̊ to 55 ̊ C)
Battery Type: LiPo
Battery Voltage: 3.7 V
Battery Capacity: 1150 mAh
Charging Time: 2.5 h
Input voltage: 5 V

Ronin – M
Ronin – MX
DJI Focus – ThumbWheel
Ronin-MX – Remote Start/Stop


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